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“Attitude is the foundation of everything”. So says Jeffrey Gitomer in “The Little Gold Book of Yes!”

I spent so many years of my life being negative and pessimistic about taking chances to do something or experience something because of the potential so-called risks involved or because of some irrational fear of what people might say. To make matters worse, I surrounded myself with like-minded people, and of course nothing exceptional or exciting ever really happened. Each day was in effect the same old same old….

And then I discovered the power of “yes”. Yes means having a go at something you’ve never done before. Yes means being prepared to make a mistake because (a) you’re more likely not to make a mistake, and (b) if you do, you will learn valuable things from it and any way in the overall scheme of things, does that mistake really matter? Yes means being bold. Yes means having the courage of your convictions. Yes means being authentic. Yes may even mean being a bit quirky and being unconventional. Yes means being your true self and not being worried by what the detractors say. Yes means embracing the rich tapestry of life and opportunity and maximising your potential in it.

My advice is to say positive yeses when you get the opportunity and surround yourself with other like-minded positive people. Like attracts like. Negative thinking attracts negative consequences, positive thinking attracts positive consequences.

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