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I was listening to someone on his radio station this morning talking about his “average” listener. Of course he was talking about his target market, and the things his average listeners like to hear and how they like to be entertained. And it got me thinking about “average” and how even radio stations prefer to appeal to the safety of the “average” person”. In fact I got quite agitated listening to this same old mantra yet again that keeps brainwashing our minds to make us all believe we are simply bland average mugs who prefer to listen to bland average radio stations. So I switched it off and decided to have a rant!

Who exactly is this “average” person? Are you average? Am I average? What does it mean to be average? Does it even feel a bit insulting to be called average?

And yet isn’t it also true that we have a tendency to be average in our every day lives. My sons would call it “being beige”. We hide behind what is normal so we don’t stand out from the crowd. We go with the safety of trends and fashion. We are tempted to go with what we believe is “normal”, conventional and acceptable in our social world. Step outside our comfort zones, and we experience some kind of panic – we might get noticed (shock horror) or perhaps teased or laughed at, or our minds may play tricks with us and tell us to be sensible.

If someone says to you that you are unique, how does that make you feel? Is it scary? Does it make you think that person is having a bit of a laugh at your expense? How might it feel to accept and embrace the wonderful message that you really are unique! YES YOU ARE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL! We all are!

What gets in the way? Self-esteem. I am constantly coming across this with the people I talk to. They don’t always realise or associate with it. But that’s the block. When we struggle with our uniqueness, we are probably even struggling to look in the mirror and smile unconditionally at the face in front of us.

You are unique and you are very special. Because you are unique, you can hardly be described as ordinary, and average becomes a meaningless word. Since you are unique, that means you are able to do certain things that none of the rest of us can do! Which makes you very special indeed! Potentially! As long as you are living your uniqueness. But if you are playing at being average, you are deceiving yourself and the rest of us, you are betraying us all, and you will never be the extraordinary amazing person you could be! And we will all be the poorer for it.

Perhaps you think it’s all very well for me to say that because of certain drama that’s happened in my life, or because of the way that my life has turned up. Well I would say there have been many times when it would have been far easier to go back to my beige existence and become Mr Average all over again. I could have placed a mask on my face again and pretended that my life was sorted. And continued to live with the emptiness in my heart that had become my constant companion.

We can all choose. There is a hero inside you. If you dare to unlock your hero, you will be amazed at how your life unfolds. Your hero is the extraordinary special unique you that you were born to be. Life, friends, school, career, convention, radio stations – they all had their role in disguising the you that was bursting to shine forth.

Watch this space, and I’ll keep writing more on this topic – and I’ll keep reminding you (with some practical tips) that you really are special and unique and have something quite extraordinary to share with the rest of us.

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